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Friday, August 25, 2006

Darren Cole's Windows Sudoku Puzzle Game (v2.5)

What I like :
  • Reading and exchanging Sudokus on the web is a great idea. I don’t plan on adding this however, I want to concentrate on algorithms and usability.
  • Multiple player contests is a nice feature, as well as having a timer. The timer I might do also, since it’s pretty easy.
  • The executable file is very compact and installation is so fast. Since I develloped in .Net, I don’t think I can make such compact distributions. Unless I could assume users have .Net 2 framework installed.
  • You can load and save games.

What's missing or weak :
  • The way values are entered is awful. Clicking on cell and number and not being able to use keyboard is really unfriendly.
  • It does not have enough algorithms coded. I entered an expert-level Sudoku and asked it to be checked, the answer was: “Could not check Sudoku”. And since it could not solve it, it could not provide hints as well.
  • It does not really give hints anyway, it only gives you the value in a random cell. Most of the time that is really not what you want. What you want is a true hint, some indication of where to search and how to search, and maybe you’ll find the value yourself.
  • It does not show candidate values, nor allow you to set them.


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