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Friday, August 25, 2006

PortableApps' Pocket Sudoku (v1.1.7)

What I like
  • It’s usability is quite above that of Windows Sudoku: values are entered at keyboard, changing cells is done with arrow keys, which seems obvious, but Windows Sudoku is missing this.
  • It has a scalable graphic interface, with fonts changing size as you resize the form. I had done the same on Ossudo.
  • It allows you to enter candidate values in empty cells. This is the most interresting feature in this application. Candidate values are displayed at their conventionnal spot within the cell. This is definately one I wish I had coded, because indeed you cannot actually play a Sudoku program, searching for a solution by yourself, if you don’t have this, because you don’t have pencil and eraser.
  • And of course it’s pretty compact too, and easy to deploy.

What's missing of weak
  • It is quite weak on algorithms, worse than Darren's actually. If you generate a new Sudoku at difficult “hard”, quite often it is not a valid Sudoku, that is to say it has more than one solution. This is quite a major shortcomming for a Sudoku player. I haven’t looked at the source code yet, but I suspect it just clears a number of cells randomly, without checking that there is a single solution. If it so, then it’s really a flawed approach. Actually it would mean Pocket Sudoku does not have solving algorithms at all. Yes that’s probably it.
  • It does not have hints at all. Same reason, very likely.
  • You cannot enter a Sudoku by yourself, one that you have read in the paper.
  • You cannot print, so you cannot take a Sudoku with you unless you have your laptop.
  • You cannot save a Sudoku, nor read one of course.


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